Since the very beginning of this project we have been working with volunteers.
This system appears to offer an excellent combination of worthwhile activities in foreign lands, and a wonderful experience for the volunteers. Both the children and the volunteers learn a lot from this arrangement. The giving of love, attention and knowledge to those children is rewarded with warm and sincere smiles, recognition and an insight into the living problems of the poorest of Nepal.
Because of the large amount of interest which has been shown, we have for several years had to work to a plan.

In Kathmandu there is one person responsible – Tsering Gyalpo . He leads the project, and volunteers can contact him with any questions or suggestions. We work with two teams, who are supported by Nepalese staff. There is always one team present in the home at all times.

Your job will be to guide small children during their daily tasks – help them to get up early, make sure they brush their teeth, help them get ready for school, ensure their health and safety at all time, etc. These seem minor tasks but are understandably very important. With the older children who are more independent and manage a little better on their own, it is important to build trust and share your knowledge with them, but also to listen and show them how important, wanted and loved they are. We aim to provide them with the same standards of education as we know in Europe.