Message from Founder

Message from Founder

Name: Tsering Gyalpo

Project name: Children of the Universe (Orphanage) 

Location: Kathamndu, Nepal

Phone: + 977 9851218680

From: Originally from Tibet but living here in Nepal as Tibetan Refugee 


My life

Namaste! My Name is Tsering Gyalpo, I will quickly introduce myself to let you know what is the purpose of me running the Children of the Universe Home together with my staff. I was born at a small Village called, Khamjim (Gyageling Tibetan Camp) Rasuwa,which is north of Kathmandu, close to the Nepal -Tibet Border. My father is from Tibet, but I was born here in Nepal with a Nepali mother. I grew up in a very poor family with 8 family members. We all slept, cooked and lived in a single room. That was really a tuff life at that village because of the poorness, in addition to that we Tibetan refugee have no any freedom and rights to do something for ourselves. I completed my Primary school at Shyabru Bensi,the school was run by the Tibetan government. After the Primary level, I really wanted to go to further school at Kathmandu. but my parents could not afford my studies. So, I just stay at village two years, looking after the cows and yaks that we had. Once while I was grazing cows at the jungle, I met a Dutch group who came to trekking on that area. Among the Dutch group, one of the Dutch man talked with me and he asked me where I live, and what I was doing... I explained him and showed him the room where we lived. Then the Dutch man, Mr. Jos William, made a promise that he will help me with financing my study at Kathmandu, so I went to the Nobel Academy. He helped me with all what I need at school. The Dutch man also helped my other brothers for their study too.... I am very grateful to this gentleman and his family supporting me many years, otherwise I will still be sitting and watching after the cow to wonder if that is all in my life.

After my school complete, I did trekking tour guiding for few years. But I had to stopped the tour guide even I like though because I need to make trekking license and to make a trekking license, I need Nepali citizenship that I don't have. Then I was running a Private Boarding school for 6 years, as a founder and principal.  I could have built up on that Boarding school and have a well paid life, but due to my refugee statues I could not get any further but also more importantly it did satisfy me, I wasn’t going for the money, I wanted to to something for other people, like Jos did for me once. 

I am father of my daughter, Dolma, age13 and a boy, Urgyen 9, and I adopted by chance a boy, Ananda Rana Magar who has been with us for 9 years.

I came up with the Idea of the Children of the Universe Home at the year 2011 by the help from different western people and organizations

My Philosophy

My truly believe is and philosophy in life is to help others to achieve the best in there lives, specially for the children. Helping others and making good karma in this life and coming live. Money is important in our life but having peace in inner heart and satisfy is what is important to me. 

We all are born naked and we will leave this world without taking anything with us. There will only be the experiences and the good and bad things we have done in life.

 I like calling it “Simple Living with High thinking” which is my motto……

My home Nepal is a Multi language and Multi heritage country. There is also a caste system here in Nepal, similar to India. Nepal has 4 Major castes and 36 sub different caste systems. I remembered that when I was at class 8, I was to the village called Khadkabhanjang, where all the people from the Biswourkarma caste, which is the lowest caste here in Nepal with only certain rights and professions allowed to work in. That made me sad and it came in my mind that I need to help for the low caste people and poor people from the Nepal.  So, I started Children of the universe for the poor children, under prevailed children, children who has no parents, disable parent’s children and refugee children from the high Himalayan region with children from all caste and I don’t make a difference. It was so difficult for me to start the children of the Universe on the financial side, due to the government is not supporting at all. When the home finally was finished,  the roof was taken away by  a big storm, and the water was coming in damaging more, when we finally got the roofing repaired again. Thanks to the sponsors and donors, the money was pretty much gone so not much left for food and sending them to school. Then I made a flyers and attached at Kathmandu Guest House. Then luckily some people from the Singapore helped me with the financial… … than it was the 24thof April 2014, the earth was shacking just for a few seconds, and so many good things that where achieved got destroyed in just moments. The earthquake left thousands of people dead, nobody was hurt at the children’s home but it was badly damaged. All the children were safe but no home. So, we shifted to a new area, Sangle Khola… We lived there in 3 small tents and we were 33 children at the time, we stayed in the tent   almost 16 months, with water running through the tent, and insects coming and going as they please, when the sun was shining it was hot as hell. it was the most terrible life for me and all the kids. But we were still managing everyday life and the children where going to school. Now, we have a much better home by the help from different countries and so many people from all over the world…. God bless them. Thanks for all the help to us. Now, we have 36 children from the age group 4 to 16 years and all of them go to school and me and my staff try to give them the best start in life that we can.

Nepal is one of the poor country all over the world. So, there are so many children from the poor family. The government of Nepal don’t help to these children. We all the children here at home depends on the help from people outside. 


Volunteering Opportunities

We offer good and friendly family environment, your own room to sleep, good internet, hot shower, Tibetan and Nepali meals, 4 meals a day ….  Children love playing with you, and learning new things. We really love to have you stay with us, a few days or weeks and months…  

What are your responsibilities? You will be working with the children and playing with them which is the most thing we want you to have with them. Spending time to talk with them speaking English. Help them to get up in the morning, taking the smaller child to bathroom and help them with washing their face, brushing teeth and shower. Supporting the children with there homework and extra activities will be very useful. Get the children dressed before they go to school. Helping to clean bathroom, dinning room and surrounding and helping with the food preparation in the kitchen. Taking the children to the school bus and picking them and help the smaller children to carry their bags or just take their hand while walking. Washing, cleaning and painting, garden work, working on the website or repairing at the children home is always useful. 

We offer for the Volunteers to manage short and long trek according to the wish of the Volunteers. It is the best way to be showing around the country to have a local guide you show around here Kathmandu, the Valley and the Himalayan even places that tourists normally don’t find. You will be all safe and all will be explained to you. Picking up and drop to the Airport is available, and the hole trekking or staying with the children’s home is organized by us. We hope it is fair enough to as a charge of 20$ US Dollar per day for food and accommodations. We offer a fair pricing on the trekking, not comparable to the overpaid agencies’ and underpaid Porters at Kathmandu. For all the profit from the trekking is going directly to the Children of the Universe for food, paying school and for all the others things that children need.  You don’t need to worry, you will just love staying with us, it will be a lifetime experience and a true insight into Nepal everyday life, and the children their laughter and smile will capture your heart. 

Thank you






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