We would like to request prospective donors and supporters from abroad to support our project by sponsoring children who are currently studying with us. There are different kinds of sponsoring options, however feel free to support us in your convenient way. Sponsorship Sponsorship of a child covers year-round care and education of an individual child. In most cases the support is for poor orphaned or semi-orphaned children who have no family home or support. The current yearly fee amounts to 800 Euro and includes the initial expenses of bringing the child to Kathmandu, enrolling him/her into the Children of Universe to run hostel and providing accommodation. The amount also covers tuition, food, books, stationary, lodging materials, uniforms, and medical care. We request that sponsorship continues for at least 6 years, so as to allow the sponsored child to complete the first phase of his/her education and reach a level of self-sufficiency. Sponsors will receive regular report cards from the school related to the child as well as a report from Children of Universe on the child they have sponsored. We encourage contact with the child by letter although this is not essential and, should you visit Kathmandu, we would hope you would visit with your child.