Support Us

Thank you for your support::COU Family have moved to new place.

We would like to request prospective donors and supporters from abroad to support our project by sponsoring children who are currently studying with us. There are different kinds of sponsoring options, however feel free to support us in your convenient way.

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We believe this world is home for all the children and as such our objectives stand as follows:

1.To locate helpless, poor and orphaned children within the Kingdom of Nepal and provide them with an education
2.To arrange hostels and homes to provide care and support of the children
3.To provide medical support and general care for the children
4.To provide eventual income-generating training for the children to make

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About Us

Children of the Universe is founded in the year of April 2011, with the objections of providing education to the poor and orphan children of remote villages in Nepal. Due to poverty, remote location and lack of support, it is hard to get education and basic human needs for those children.

The main aim of Children of the Universe is to provide support to these helpless children with a secure and homelike environment give

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